Buying Custom Hydraulic Hoses For Your Vehicle Project


There are many different places where custom hydraulic hose fabrication is used on vehicles, and in some cases, modifying the vehicle to add additional features like a dump body or a snowplow requires unique hydraulic hoses to power the systems. There are times when custom hydraulic hoses are the best option for your application, and making sure that the lines are made correctly is critical to the process. 

Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses are made from reinforced rubber that may have a polyester or metal mesh embedded in the walls to help the rubber stand up to the high pressures inside the hose. Often custom hydraulic hose fabrication starts with a bulk hose cut to the length needed and has the appropriate fittings installed on the ends of the hose. 

A hydraulic shop and some heavy equipment parts vendors offer custom hydraulic hoses for customers and will build them to your specifications for your custom use. Ensuring that the hoses are long enough and will stand up to the demands you will put on them is critical, but the hydraulic shop can help.

Talk with the hydraulic hose shop about what you are assembling and the pump pressures you expect within the system. The information will allow them to match the pressure requirements to the correct hose for the job and determine the fittings that need to be used.

Hose Length

When you use custom hydraulic hose fabrication for a specific application, getting the length right for the hoses is vital. A hose that is too long can get caught up in moving parts on the vehicle, causing damage to the hose or the fittings. 

Alternatively, if the hose is too short, it may not reach the components it needs to, or it may connect, but moving parts in the system may require the hose to move some, and it could be stretched out, breaking down the reinforcement in the hose and causing week points. Check the length several times and if you find the hoses you have made are a little long, use come hose clips to secure them to the vehicle to ensure they stay where you want them and do not get damaged. 

Fittings And Ends

The custom hydraulic hose fabrication shop will need to select the right ends for your hoses to ensure they stand up to the pressure in the system. The way the ends attach to the hose typically requires that they be put on and then crimped tightly to hold the rubber hose. 

If the ends are not appropriately sized, they could come loose, so the hydraulic hose shop must select the right ones for your needs. In most situations, custom hydraulic hose fabrication shops will overbuild the hoses for you to offer some additional buffer and ensure they will do the job without failures on your vehicle. 

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4 May 2022

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