Benefits of Adding Remote Starting to Your Car or Truck


There are times when starting your car before you go outside could be very beneficial. If you live where the weather is cold in the winter or very hot in the summer, starting the car and letting the heat or AC run is an excellent option.

1. Beat the Weather

In many climates, the weather gets hot, and your car sitting in the sun can be extremely hot inside. If you have a remote starter in the car, you can start the car ahead of getting in it and let the air conditioner run, which is more comfortable and safer for small children or older adults. 

The same is true in cold areas with starting the get heater and warming the car up before getting in. It is also a good option if you need to clear the ice and snow windows before you go out on the road. Having a professional remote starter installed in your vehicle will let you beat the heat and the cold, and when the unit is put in properly, they are still very safe. 

2. Meet Requirements for Remote Starters

If you are considering a remote starter installation for your car or truck, there are some things to consider. The vehicle needs to have an automatic transmission in it for the remote starter to work, and the vehicle has to be in park, or the safety switch in the system will not allow the starter to function. 

The vehicle also needs to be parked outside so that the exhaust does not build up inside the garage or other areas when it starts. If your car is in the garage, do not let it sit and run, even if the door is open. The carbon monoxide from the exhaust can still enter the building and is toxic if you inhale it in large quantities. 

Once you start the car, you only want it to run long enough to warm up and heat or AC to begin working. If you will be delayed getting to the car, it is better to shut it off and restart it when you are close to leaving. A vehicle that sits and runs too long can overheat and damage the engine, so any more than 10 minutes or so is too long to let it sit and idle unattended.

3. Enjoy Professional Installation

When you purchase a remote starter for your vehicle, it is a good idea to have it professionally installed. The remote starter installation needs to be done correctly, or it may not work when you need it or may malfunction and damage the car. 

Most businesses that install alarms, stereos, and other electronics can do your remote starter installation for you. If you purchased it through them, they might do it free of charge. Learn more about remote start installation by visiting websites like


2 December 2020

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