Provide Vehicle Owners With Excellent Customer Service And Incentives


If you own a full-service car wash and detailing center, drumming up business can be tricky if you are a relatively new business owner and are facing a lot of competition from similar businesses in the vicinity. Provide vehicle owners with excellent customer service and some incentives that will aid in forging a relationship with many people who live in the community.

Hand Out Promotional Items

Don't wait for people to come to you, but instead go to them. Order some promotional air fresheners that advertise your business and the car washing and detailing services. When preparing the advertisement that will be printed on the air fresheners, include a list of the cleaning tools and agents that are used when cleaning the inside and outside of each vehicle that is brought to the car wash and detailing center.

Stop by other businesses in town and drop off some of the air fresheners to each establishment so that the owners of the establishments can disperse the air fresheners to their customers. If you are going to be featuring your business at a business expedition or community event, bring along a box of air fresheners and hand them out to each person who approaches you to learn more about your business.

Promotional air fresheners for cars will leave a positive impact on each recipient, and since people often spend quite a bit of time in their vehicles while commuting to and from work, drivers will be reminded of your kind gesture each time that they enter their vehicles.

Offer A Drop-Off Service

Encourage people to make appointments in advance to have their vehicles cleaned and vacuumed. This will go over well with individuals who are busy and do not have the time to wait for their vehicles to be serviced. Designate a parking area at your business that people can use to park their vehicles if they plan on dropping them off prior to the appointments that have been made.

Create a list of cleaning agents that each customer can choose from and customized steps that can be added to each cleaning and vacuuming session. Make copies of this list and give the copies to your customers. Instruct each of your customers to select the agents and steps that are desired when a vehicle is dropped off.

After each cleaning and vacuuming session, instruct one of your employees to secure a new promotional air freshener to the rearview mirror of the vehicle that has been serviced. Make courtesy calls to your customers so that they know when their vehicles are ready to be picked up.

If you would like to provide your customers with a service that goes above and beyond what may be expected, make arrangements to have your clients picked up from their current locations and transported to your business. 


19 August 2018

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