Four Car Upgrades To Install In Your Child's Car


When your child moves up in their teenage years, they may be interested in getting their first car. If you are planning on surprising your child with a car, you should first outfit the vehicle with some extra safety measures. Here are four safety measures that you should equip the car with so that your child remains safe on the road and your mind remains clear:

GPS address memory

Chances are, your child will be driving to the same place constantly. To make sure that they do not have to type in the same address constantly, get a GPS that will remember the last five to ten addresses. These addresses can be school, home, friends and family homes, as well as the location of after school activities. This way your child will simply have to push a button to get real-time directions and traffic notifications for their travel.

GPS connection via phone application

In order to keep your child safe, you need to know where they are. Install a GPS upgrade that will allow your phone to connect with the location of your child's car. In the event that they are hurt, or if the car is stolen, you will be able to make decisions quickly. If your child is ever lost, you will also be able to check the location of the vehicle and send help or guide them out of the area.

Dash camera

Some insurance firms will provide you with the ability to get a discount for safe driving. Since teenagers tend to raise the insurance rates when put on a plan, a discount can help cut the extra cost. If you are sure that your child is a good driver, you should get a dash camera that can help with a driver discount. Even if you do not opt for a driver discount, you should get a dash camera to determine how your child is driving. If they are speeding or if they are having unsafe road interactions, you will be able to tell from the dash camera recordings.

Backup camera

One of the biggest problems most new drivers face is anxiety backing up. If your child is parallel parked and is close to other vehicles, it may be difficult for them to pull out of a spot without aid. In order to assist your child with backing out of a parallel space or a parking space, install a backup camera on the vehicle. This will take the guess work out of figuring out depth and spacing. 

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1 September 2017

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