Throw A Vintage Car Theme Party For The Gearhead In Your Life


Usually, when you think of automobile junkyards and vintage parts dealers, you're interested in rebuilding a vehicle. But did you know you can also put these places to use to throw a old-fashioned-car themed party for a gearhead in your life? Here's how you can utilize vintage car parts to create the perfect party decor, and when you're done, you'll have some great pieces for your basement, rec room, or man cave.


Every party needs seating, and that's an easy element to find at a junkyard or vintage American car parts dealer. One of the best things about old American cars is the quality of the seating. Look for real leather tuck-and-roll upholstery that you can either set on the ground as-is or fashion into sofas and chairs with a minimum of effort and expense (the car parts vendor may be able to suggest a good welder to make a base for you).

Parties also need surfaces on which to place food. If you're not too handy, two stacks of old tires with a board across the top makes a perfectly acceptable car-themed buffet. But if you want to get a little fancier, an old Chevy truck tail gate can make a beautiful table or bar. You can attach it to a wall or fence and have it fold down whenever you need to use it, just a like a real truck gate.

Extra Fun

If you expect little ones at your party, why not give them something to play with? Mount a row of old steering wheels on a 1 x 6 panel, and let them pretend they're behind the wheel.

You can fashion fun keepsake keychains for party guests from old car knobs, gears, and hood ornaments. You can also send visitors home with their own personalized "monogrammed" keychains made from vintage license plates (a good pair of tin snips should make cutting them up easy).


In addition to the table suggestions above, you can create a wine rack from an old V-8 engine, once it's cleaned up. To complete the car theme, offer treats like chocolate-dipped donuts stacked like tires and "dip sticks" made from pretzels half-coated in chocolate. Toy pickup trucks can hold chips, nuts, and other goodies.

If you don't have a junkyard or vintage parts dealer near you, check online for the items you want. You can specify vehicles that suit your guest of honor, like classic Chevy Camaros or Impalas. And once you get started on your theme decor, you may find so many ideas you'll have to throw another event to try them all out!


24 June 2016

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